How to be productive at home

So here it is, The Good, The Bad and The Facts 22

The Good; because no one has time to read long sentences, we’ve made it simple

  1. Increases employee productivity
  2. Attracts employee talent- people want to work for accommodating, flexible companies
  3. Retains employees- employees don’t want to lose the opportunity to wok remotely, so they are more likely to stay with their company and work hard to keep their job
  4. Save costs- the less people in the office at one time, the lower overhead costs are
  5. Happier and more satisfied employees- being understanding of employee’s lifestyles and catering to their work life balance makes a big difference
  6. Employees have less work-related stress- a lot of people find working in a busy, loud office stressful and overwhelming, being at home means you can choose the most productive environment for you
  7. Employees are healthier- less stress, more time to go to gym, walk the dog, make healthy food choices instead of getting office take away and early nights without sitting in traffic/on long train rides
  8. Fewer distractions (seriously)- this does, of course, depend on the person, people who are self-disciplined are more likely to suit this lifestyle and therefore are the type of people who are less distracted when they’re alone
  9. Decreases sick days and employee time off- knowing that you can fit in Dr/Dentist appointments or post office runs without having to ask for a half day and still get in a full days work when you get home means less employees asking for half days/days off to get errands done
  10. Benefits the environment- we all know that the environment is not being treated well, therefor less people traveling in cars/public transport lowers your carbon footprint

The bad; with some solutions

  1. Lonely- it can be lonely and quiet but with technology these days, jumping on Skype or call with other colleagues to discuss work, is sure to make you feel better
  2. Co-worker relationships- not being with your colleagues 8+ hours a day will of course mean you don’t get to bond as much in person, but many people say they are just as close with colleagues thanks to technology and social media communications
  3. Distracted- if you’re the type to get distracted easily or struggle to be self-disciplined, then being surrounded by all the things that don’t make you feel productive like TV, food and your bed will make you as productive as taking your duvet to work and watching Netflix while you respond to emails
  4. Motivated- if you struggle to motivate yourself, working at home is going to lower your morale and could cause you to be less productive. In which case being around people in a buzzing office would suit you better

The facts; surveys and studies have been done by many different companies, and these are the most popular statistics (basically a bunch of percentage signs and numbers);

  1. 85% of remote workers made the decision to work remotely (asked their boss very nicely)
  2. 60% of remote workers still follow a 9-5 schedule whilst at home
  3. 60% of remote workers would like their job less if they had to go into an office
  4. 88% of remote workers would recommend it
  5. 95% of employers who allow remote working agrees it increases retention
  6. 86% of remote workers are more productive when they work remotely

Questions to ask yourself;
Are you organised?
Do you have good time management?
Do you have great online/telephonic communication abilities and skills?
Are you self-disciplined?
Does your job require you being in an office?
Do you have a good, reliable Wi-Fi connection at home?
Would you be able to fix a Wi-Fi problem or go to a coffee shop with good Wi-Fi, if you had a problem with Wi-Fi at home?

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